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Sami-Swedish Flame-soldier by Krehlmar
Sami-Swedish Flame-soldier
Just a shitty 10 minute sketch I made for 's forum. Amazing webcomic I highly recommend! Author of said webcomic is… .

Sadly the random site I found to sketch on (no tools on this comp) was total arse so it's nowhere as nice as I'd like it to be but at least the gest gets through

The concept/idea behind the picture is as follows:

"The 'Dollavárri'-Company is a elite cleansing unit consisting of descendants of the Sami people of northern sweden. Being housed in Luleå military base, these fierce warrior are nearly nothing like their nomadic ancestors. When the Rash came to the northern parts of Sweden, it quickly swept away all resistance when literal swarms of infected reindeer descended upon the hapless Sami- and Swedish inhabitants. In a last ditch effort to stem the tide, Luleå airbase (F21) launched a series of carpet-firebombings throughout the dense northern forests. 

They succeeded, for a time, enough time for a few Sami tribes to get to the coast and take refuge in the luleå archipelago together with their swedish compatriots. There they would stay until contact was made with the rest of Swedens scarce survivors. 

The remaining Sami had been assimilated into the Swedes in the refuge, as they were highly outnumbered in terms of population. However, their habits and clothing had also been adopted by a few of the surviving groups. 

When it became their time to supply troops to the Swedish cleansing program, those groups who had had the greatest number of Sami descendants were the most eager to conscript. They had never forgotten the debt they felt they owed to the Swedes who had saved them, grandfathers- and grandmothers would tell fierce stories at the camp-fires: How the "Great roaring metal-birds, tamed and mounted by swedes, would come crashing through the sky, blanketing the troll- and beast hordes in fire and heat." 

This legacy led to a huge appreciation for fire and its properties. Some would even go so far as to call it a mania or lunacy, as the Dollavárri made themselves famous for their wild behavior.  Indeed, few military units have as many decorations as the Dollavárri... But then again few units also have as many injuries. 

Still, any competent commander knows when and where to apply these unbreakable pyromaniacs: Because if there is a job that involves immense danger, as well as the possibility to burn things up; The Dollavárri are ALWAYS eager."

Basically the outfit, as well as bearing cultural pride, also serves as a multi-layered fire-repellent outfit. Indeed the most heavily armored dollavárri integrate chainmail into the layers as they often take point when it comes to cleansing operations. 

They also wear masks, not so much to protect themselves from the disease but to make breathing possible when they fire up their high-pressure flamethrower which are effective at ranges up to 45m. 

The beret is earned after a soldiers first successful cleanse-operation, which must at least include combat action and/or the slaying of (a) troll(s). It is the only part of the outfit togheter with the insignia that wears the old sami-color of green. The insignia is the old Sami flag, combined with the swedish one (and I'd made the yellow fade better together if, as I said, not for the arse site). 


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